Technologian Nurse in UK

There is a shortage of nurses – not just in the Philippines but in the world!

Yes, the world is in need of nurses. In Cebu alone, hospitals are offering scholarships to nursing students just to ensure their employment after passing the Nurse Licensure Examination. The CIT University College of Nursing students are recipients of this privilege.

Even abroad, Filipino nurses are highly preferred. According to Ms. Mimi Joy Julio, a proud Technologian Nurse, who is now working in St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, United Kingdom, Filipinos are preferred for they speak english well, are compassionate and competent, hardworking, and efficient. Ms. Julio went to the UK to seek for greener pasture and better provide for her family. Indeed, she did not only get what she went there for but has learned to discover and develop her skills. She acknowledges that she would have not been as ready as she was had not been for the education she has had in CIT and her training in Perpetual Succour Hospital, one of the University’s partner hospital.

With the help of CIT University’s linkage, the school is now working on a project that will pave an easier way for our graduates who dream to work in the UK to be given sure slots for employment. This is an exciting program that will hopefully help students who want to explore opportunities abroad.

Whether it be to address a global or local demand, CIT University continues to ensure the high-quality of nursing graduates it produces. For the last 5 Nurse Licensure Examinations, the College of Nursing has a straight record of 100% Passing Percentage for first-takers.

So if you are looking for quality nursing education in an encouraging and supportive environment, make the TOP choice and choose CIT Unviersity’s College of Nursing. For inquiries, you may call 2617741 local 134.

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