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Another March of Cultural Experience and Learning Exposure

Ookina hagu wo anata ni! The internship program for the eight Japanese students from Kwannsei Gakuin University was a success. As CIT-U sets to hone students that are innovative and competent, two of the attributes possessed as the TOP Philippine university in Cebu, our CIT-U Elementary and Senior High School department supported these eight Japanese students in integrating, cultivating in our basic education classes, and exploring Cebu’s rich culture.

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Marching Forward with March First Week Highlights

CIT University Held FIRST-EVER Film Festival In the history of the top engineering university of Cebu, CIT University held its first-ever Film Festival in celebration of the National Arts Month. The film fest was spearheaded by the student organization, Creative Alliance of Multimedia and Visual Arts Students (CAMVAS). With the…


Electricians (3) Job Description: – Responsible in providing lights & powers and electrical services to all sectors in the campus – Maintains all electrical system and equipment, fixtures, devices & appliances in good operating condition in the most economical way – Implements the energy conservation program of this school Job…

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