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Another March of Cultural Experience and Learning Exposure

Ookina hagu wo anata ni! The internship program for the eight Japanese students from Kwannsei Gakuin University was a success. As CIT-U sets to hone students that are innovative and competent, two of the attributes possessed as the TOP Philippine university in Cebu, our CIT-U Elementary and Senior High School department supported these eight Japanese students in integrating, cultivating in our basic education classes, and exploring Cebu’s rich culture.


Vision A Leading MakerSpace in the Philippines Mission To provide technological and innovative guided support in transforming ideas to reality Goals To develop a community of innovators, problem solvers and critical thinkers who are passionate about Making and Tinkering by means of ensuring the availability of skilled and trained maker experts…

Community Extension

BRIEF DESCRIPTION The office of Community Extension Services (CES) is the official arm of the institution to carry out the third function of a higher education institution – i.e., EXTENSION. It provides opportunities for the members of CIT- University to exemplify the spirit of concern and communal participation in bringing assistance to…

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