12 thoughts on “Student Access Module

  1. Hi. I have some concern regarding my registration account for enrolling subjects. My registration account for enrolling subjects falls on “TERM: summer class”. I would like to change it to regular class which will start this coming August.

    It hasn’t been fixed because of this issue. I hope that you will respond this message and I humbly asked to take action of it. Thank you and I hope for your good news!

  2. Good day!

    I cant access my Student Account even though I encoded the right username and password. What should I do?

  3. I would like to request about my AIMS account, It has been 3 years now, I forgot my Student Number. Or how to open an AIMS account. Thank you. My name is Dr. Joel M. Capala, a graduate from PhD in Management, I graduated last March 2019.

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