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Enjoy our NEVER-BEFORE deal for all our incoming Freshmen!
For only P6,500 you can now get a head start and finish 3 courses in 6 weeks!

Enroll in our Freshmen Accelerated STart or FAST Package under the MADE4Learners 2.0 Framework. For more information about MADE4Learners 2.0, please save and share the image below.

Here are the other details that you need to know about our FAST Package!

Freshmen Accelerated STart or FAST Package:
🔶 Super low-price offer!
🔶 Essential courses that will give you a head start versus others.
🔶 Happy courses to provide you with happy beginnings as a MADE Learner.

How to avail of this SUPER VALUE deal?
👉FRESHMEN students only need to ENROLL in the following:
PE 103 + NSTP 111 + Gen Ed Course/Subject

Gen Ed Course Choices:
1. IT031 – Living in the IT Era
2. ENTREP212 – Entrepreneurial Mind
3. SSP031 – Creative Thinking Skills
4. HUM031 – Art Appreciation
5. ENGL031 – Purposive Communication

👉 Fill out the ENROLLMENT FORM to be released within the week. Freshmen students who have already enrolled for first semester MAY OPT TO ENROLL IN OUR FAST PACKAGE. Instructions will be provided through email and FB soon.

👉 Accomplish the form ON OR BEFORE JUNE 15 and you’re DONE!

❗️❗️Continuing students and Freshmen bridging students may not be able to avail of the FAST Package but will enjoy more than 50% discount on Misc Fee (based on original fee) PLUS an additional 10% discount on Tuition ❗️❗️

PLUS!!! Modified deferred payment scheme for all ❗️❗️

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