January 2023: CIT-U in a Glance

January 2023: CIT-U in a Glance

Classes and Enrollment for Second Semester of AY 2022-2023

After spending quality time with their family and loved ones during the holiday break, the CIT-U community, the top university in Cebu, officially resumed operations on January 4, 2023 as our opening salvo. Classes for the Elementary and Junior High School department resumed, while the enrollment for the second semester also started for College and Senior High School department.

Extended enrollment for College and Senior High School

The enrollment season for the College and Senior High School students was extended until January 31, 2023 to give way for the late enrollees and other transferees who were still processing their documents. As the top university in Cebu, CIT-U was happy to welcome a significant growth of the number of enrollees, showcasing the students’ trust and confidence in our quality academic reputation.

Training for Engineering Faculty members

Selected members of the faculty of the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics Engineering have attended the Teachers’ Training on the use of the newly acquired Mechatronics Laboratory.  This 5-day training covers Electropneumatics, Pneumatics with PLC, and Industrial Motor Control with PLC and is part of the university’s support in the efforts of modernizing our engineering laboratories. For more information, please check this Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/CITUniversity/posts/pfbid0EDkTztcshvb212PV62qsVZKeGB8Rm3UaMCiNQk2QZByvB7NyPSA4mwvbsbYTRXurl

BSME students presented their study amongst graduate program studies

Our Mechanical Engineering students presented their undergraduate paper entitled “Design and Fabrication of RFID Medicine Dispenser System” during the 11th International Mechanical Engineering Research Conference on January 12-13, 2023 held in USC-TC. It was the only undergraduate study that got presented during the event. The study was presented by Van Collen Araco on behalf of the other members namely, Ralph Jay Branzuela, Ruel Lacaba Jr., Philip Joshua Timkang, and Ramer Villamejor.

CIT-U held groundbreaking for new 15-storey building

This new building is the future endeavor of CIT-U as we continue to nurture our goal to be the top university in Cebu. This structure represents a major achievement for the university and is a positive step forward, showcasing features that include state-of-the-art engineering laboratories and facilities, smart classrooms, and research and learning resource centers. We anticipate that this facility brings a positive impact on both students and staff.

EE students held a sports event

The Electrical Engineering students, spearheaded by the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers Council of Student Chapters Cebu Institute of Technology – University (IIEE CSC CIT-U), held a sports event dubbed as OlympEEkan: Battle of the Four Houses. This event aims to foster community togetherness and nurture supportive relationship among the student body.

The CIT University always supports our students’ endeavors that nurture their personal, academic, and interpersonal capabilities.

CIT-U SHS conducted a Council of Leaders Convention

With the leadership of the CIT-U Senior High School Supreme Student Council, the young student leaders conducted a convention dubbed as MADE2LEAD: Molding and Directing Every Officer Towards Effective Leadership in the Learning Resource Activity Center (LRAC). The MADE2LEAD event equipped the SHS presidential class officers to gain more insight into effective leadership. The Council of Leaders consisted of two class officers from all Grade 11 and Grade 12 sections, who were also fully inducted as officers.

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