Code Chum for MADE (Multiple Approaches in Delivering Education)

Coding MADEEngaging Through Code Chum

As a Center of Excellence in Information Technology Education, CIT University sees to it that the quality of our instruction remains in top-standard despite the current learning approach. Thus, we make use of systems and applications that assure delivery quality while maintaining ease and accessibility to students.

This is what we have found in CodeChum, the first incubatee of @CIT-U Wildcat Innovation Labs – CIT University’s Technology Business Incubator (TBI). Code Chum is developed by CIT University’s Batch 2018 Valedictorian, Mr. Jemar Jude Maranga.

For its pilot semester, students and teachers alike have found numerous advantages in using Code Chum versus the traditional way of assessing student learning. Know more about these in this testimony by Dr. Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana, Dean of the College of Computer Studies.

In CIT University, we are relentless in providing Creative and Innovative Technologies to provide you with the quality education you deserve to make you #IndustyPreferred#FutureProof#PandemicReady

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