A top provider of quality accounting education  characterized by  a track record of academic excellence , innovation and ethical values.


We mold great professional accountants with extraordinary determination to succeed, with world-class values-based accounting discipline and standards and who can render excellent services and solutions for any business.


The BS in Accountancy program provides general accounting education to students desiring to pursue a professional career in accountancy.  Further, pursuant to the Accountancy Act of 2004, this is the program that qualifies someone to take the CPA Licensure Examinations.


The program provides a foundation of professional knowledge, professional skills, and professional values, ethics and attitudes that enable the students to continue to learn and adapt to change thoughout their professional lives.  These capabilities will enable professional accountants to identify problems, know where to find this knowledge and know how to apply it in an ethical manner to achieve appropriate solutions.  The balance of these elements may vary but what is required is to develop the knowledge base, strong skills and ethical values in order to produce competent professional accountants with appropriate values, ethics and attitudes.  Preparing students for the CPA licensure examinations and for employment in commerce and industry, public practice, government and education sectors are subsidiary objectives which should judiciously blend with the primary goal of preparing students for a successful long-term professional accounting career.  Thus, the accounting graduate should be qualified to take and pass the CPA licensure examinations, and to obtain employment as an entry-level professional accountant.  With proper orientation and supervision, he/she should be able to cope with the problems he/she will face upon in the workplace


  1. Graduates will be competent professionals with a functional grasp of their specialization and the management core as a whole. They will be engaged in financial accounting, cost accounting and management, financial management, management accounting, auditing and accounting information systems in public practice, academe, industry, or government.
  2. Graduates will be capable of engaging in life-long learning activities relevant to their profession, including earning advanced degrees or completing professional training.
  3. Graduates will be capable of exhibiting professionalism in working individually or as a leader / member of a team; communicating ideas effectively; and meeting the social and ethical responsibilities of their profession.
  4. Graduates will be competent for the CPA Licensure Examinations.


AttributesStudent Learning Outcomes
Competent in Management and their specialized areasApplies knowledge in Management, and other specialized areas such as financial accounting, cost accounting and management, financial management, management accounting, auditing and accounting information systems, including mathematics, social sciences and other relevant domain disciplines in order to solve problems in the gemba (workplace).
Technology LiteratePractices and demonstrates IT skills and use of technology & tools necessary for accounting/auditing support or for analytics.
Leader and Team PlayerFunctions effectively as leader or as member of a team
Effective CommunicatorCommunicates effectively and relate with other professionals and individuals both in oral and written English.
Ethical ProfessionalDemonstrates behaviour tending to show that he/she holds dear the values of leadership, passion for total quality, teamwork, honesty, initiative, sense of urgency, diligence, among others.
Life-long LearnerRecognizes the need, and have the ability, to engage in independent learning for continual development as a professional
PersonableExhibits interpersonal and social skills
Strategically NetworkedBuilds systematically a network of associates and friends for career synergy
Organization Environment UpdatedKeeps abreast with the changing demands of the organization’s external and internal environment
Ecology ConscientiousAdvocates ecological management, protection and conservation.
InnovativeAdapts and  improvises new techniques in business to meet the demands of global community
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